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Asset Recovery

Palmieri & Co., solutions go beyond traditional methods and instead integrates cyber intelligence, investigations, and on the ground monitoring into an end-to-end superior solution for recovering and tracking lost and stolen assets. By combining cyber investigations and ground-based operations, Palmieri & Co., can identify the key individuals on the ground, and uncover actionable intelligence that can be used in a court of law to recover and track assets lost from fraud.

Palmieri & Co., delivers a unique cyber fraud recovery service that is not available elsewhere on the market. Law enforcement agencies are often too slow in their efforts to pinpoint the locations of assets and suspects. We have built an alert and focused company culture that ensures every case is dealt with as urgently as possible with sensitivity and a methodical approach. Palmieri & Co., leverages its investigative and iegal consultants, along with nationally recognized expert litigators and attorneys that exclusively work on our cases.

The Palmieri & Co's multi-jurisdictional debt and recovery asset service have helped to recover millions of dollars for our clients. By combining cyber investigations, intelligence and legal expertise, we can locate concealed assets or hidden funds and prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction.

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