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Cyber Investigations

The use of the Internet by organized crime groups has become increasingly common and some of the more sophisticated online offenders have taken advantage of legal loopholes, weaknesses in international law enforcement capabilities and jurisdictional limitations.

Palmieri & Co., investigators establish the correct legal jurisdiction of an Internet crime through proven investigative methods resulting in successful arrests and prosecutions.

The use of technology enables cyber criminals to operate in multiple jurisdictions with a high degree of anonymity. This reduces the chances of getting caught and therefore raises the profile of certain crimes as being low risk. Low Risk-High Profit crimes are the preferred crime for fraudsters, hackers, counterfeiters and pirates.

Palmieri & Co., has a sophisticated operations center in the heart of the USA staffed with industry leading IT specialists, analysts and researchers. This fully equipped team has proven time and time again, that Palmieri & Co., has the ability to uncover and dismantle cross border crime syndicates. We ar well known for bringing vital hidden information to light.

Palmieri & Co., has provided actionable intelligence to law enforcement agencies, multinationals and individuals across the globe. This intelligence has led to numerous raids, seizures and arrests. The ability to assemble convincing evidence in a convoluted cybercrime investigation requires the diligence of constantly overseeing various areas of criminal activity. This is possible because of two unique factors. Palmieri & Co., has a collective of agents that are highly focused and constantly alert to any occurrences of cybercrime. Also, we have invaluable relationships around the world with numerous legal entities and these relationships are the crucial factor in our immediacy of action.

Brick and mortar bank robberies are steadily declining however criminals are only shifting their efforts elsewhere. Online cyber attacks are dramatically increasing. A cyber attack campaign in 2015 called ‘Carbanak’ successfully stole over $1 billion directly from hundreds of banks. Financial crimes now happen much more discreetly and in much larger volumes. Organized crime groups now use the internet to conduct fraudulent investment scams, falsify documents, steal credit card data and numerous other activities all designed to take financial assets from unsuspecting victims.

Palmieri & Co., investigators are able to establish the correct legal jurisdiction of an Internet crime through proven investigative methods resulting in successful arrests and prosecutions. Due to the nature of law enforcement being jurisdictional and the restriction of information between agencies, traditional methods of recovery through these law enforcement groups are very unlikely to succeed.

Palmieri & Co., succeeds in complex cross-border investigations through a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, Internet forensic tools, the use of communications intelligence and closely working with cyber intelligence professionals and local law enforcement agencies without the jurisdictional red tape.

In recent years we have helped to recover over $10 million dollars lost in fraud for our clients.

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