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Serious & Organised Fraud

Palmieri & Co., has extensive experience investigating serious and organized fraud in multiple jurisdictions around the world.  We track down the offenders behind complex frauds, uncover the money trail and bring to light intelligence about their financial operations, physical locations and identity details. Palmieri & Co., also conducts serious fraud investigations by utilizing extensive surveillance means and profiling of suspects for civil and criminal action.

In addition, we work with internal legal experts who specialize in cross border fraud and asset recovery in foreign jurisdictions and using this expertise, we can freeze bank accounts and assets associated with offenders involved in serious fraud. In recent years, Palmieri & Co., has received law enforcement awards, plaques of recognition and commendations for uncovering major cyber fraud networks and syndicates whilst disrupting large scale fraud gangs working in Asia, Europe and Central America.

Palmieri & Co., has recovered millions of dollars for victims of fraud and continually manages complex class action lawsuits for large investor groups targeted by international fraudsters.

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